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Wedding photography knowledge strategy

One. Photos must, to the groom's
For the bride, the wedding is not mobilizing, for the groom, the wedding is not.
If you do not shoot the wedding, bride's grievances burst sooner or later, the woman's home and won't let you, spend thousands of dollars and nagging wife for life, which do you choose? Haha, the groom, and you have to pretend to be interested in cooperation, and said firmly: shoot, be sure to take and better make it. Or would you wife for life.
II. Wedding photography, an ever-changing art of happiness and headaches
Red flowers from late Qing dynasty and early Republic of robes, movement-a culture of innovation, ch 30-50, 70 standard-photos, makeup-80-90, thousand people, mainly in studio photography to this day, wedding photos has undergone continuous development process, which makes people happy and painful!
Happiness, of course, from the happiness of the newlyweds, and pain from the photos the final effect.
Pain of reasons part is, many new does not understand wedding photography of status and shooting form, passive of no purpose of input time, financial and energy to completed such a must do of things, dang wedding increasingly faded to fresh sense and mystery of when, only found in clothing, and makeup, even action, and smile, with others are is same, is thousand "as" are, more find not to some personality of, has creative of things and worth aftertaste of things, then on return complained Yu Studio (Studio also cause AH).
In fact, today's wedding market booming, has given new and different choices, but we don't have to draw attention to knowledge and preparation, to cram.
Here, you first need to have a guiding concept, that wedding photography is not the only Studio, today's status quo is character art photo, photos and on-location Wedding Photography Studio Standard unbalanced situation. This situation happen to you with the diversity of choice, to take good wedding dresses, you have to find out.
III. What are you trying to choose what kind of film form. Does not solve the problem, don't go blind a lot
Most of the newcomers have no idea on this issue, often from friends asking people where shot and began to follow the trend of running, or streets to turn wedding photo studio, a comparison (of course much is price, others don't), he basically started making decisions.
Just so you know, marriage information, according to a survey of the network of, 85% of the bride's wedding to spend a lot of money are not satisfied. Of course many reasons for this, but mainly are you blind choice, rather than a mistake in the wedding photo studio, you ask? The answer here.
The first thing to understand, today's wedding photos shooting modes are mainly the following four categories:
First do it yourself DIY wedding shoot
Are planning their buying or renting a wedding dress, ask friends to do makeup artists, photographers and even lighting technicians to make, then look for post production company PS output, photo albums and other products in the late
Second Studio pure int wedding shooting
In a professional Studio by professional make-up artist photographers in indoor artificial background prior to
Studio pure int + section of the third class city or suburban location wedding shoot
By professional makeup artists in the professional studio photographers before shooting in indoor artificial background, plus some cities or suburban location shooting
Fourth class-honeymoon location wedding shoot
Travel to honeymoon in the wonderful natural scenery of locations, such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Hainan and Xinjiang, Tibet, by professional makeup artists and photographers take you into the great outdoors in real locations
For such types of wedding photography, how do you choose? To compare those factors depends on four factors:
1. Select
Fastest time is a pure int wedding Studio or Studio pure int + cities or suburban location wedding photography, usually a day or two can fix
If you choose to honeymoon-on-location wedding and takes 5-10 days to finished (plus time on the way back and forth)
DIY DIY wedding filming time depends on the efficiency of your own
2. Select
Cheapest certainly is a do it yourself DIY wedding can handle less than 1200 Yuan (including photo albums, and other later finished), but the result is usually bad, if you are not artistic, best not fussing
Next is pure int Studio wedding photos, usually 1800-4500, you can
Studio pure int + urban or suburban location photos based on the more expensive
-Is the most expensive honeymoon location wedding, 8000-19000, you know, with photographers, makeup artists, travel, photograph, people eat horse, may have to spend a lot, this is not your ticket back and forth and so on. But if you have plans to go to honeymoon, taken together, the two costs are not too high
3. From their own conditions (personal image, body fat shou, telegenic performances) to select (this is the most important factor)
To set a standard for choosing wedding photography is very important, so as to not complaining like a lot of people spend a lot of time and money but had no effects
You if face small, face beautiful, profile clear, tangible, at photogenic performance, you preferred of certainly is Studio pure int wedding photography, to bust and close-up mainly, because Studio int of maximum advantage is makeup, lights can do very in place, can put you beautiful of advantages all emergent out, while you of beautiful and can put monotone of indoor background pressure past, price is highest of
Instead, if you go on location, makeup, lights are not in the room, much of the loss of your beautiful image.
Remember all the stars indoors than outdoors looks beautiful.
So, in this case how to pick a Photo Studio? Very simple, photographic makeup not to pick (the right track Studio Photography make up almost), to pick its clothes and accessories, if it has a stylist, can be repeated and stylists on the most fashionable styling design and pick a Studio with the most beautiful clothes and accessories, you can ensure that the desired effect you want
If you don't, just like pie face, no outline, getting worse, photogenic underperformance, as soon as you exceed, when choosing a studio shot, it is important to choose the right photographer, photographer's experience, camera angle and light play a very important role on your image, behind the tip has said.
Addition a select is to location to took, in location of maximum benefits is you of air will became is natural cute, has beautiful of landscape as foil, location space big, also to photographer a great of space to help you avoid defects, addition lens in the long King of using, will put you dissolved into most beautiful of landscape in the, has mood of wedding on natural looks, and different. It is centered around the King line the truth.
In addition is to mix some personal artistic photo, change some couples, less extreme close-ups, you can add effect
4. Select
Studio Interior wedding photos will have higher optical quality, but due to the limitations of the background, monotonous, not too many mood is mainly look at people and see the clothes
Their wedding-honeymoon location, beautiful atmosphere of the landscape as a foil, have your best smile dissolved into nature and demeanor, photographer of infinite space, have a sweet honeymoon memories, both looks and poetic and memorable space. And innovative fashion, absolutely different from thousands of others to a photo. But pure on-location wedding honeymoon-light for more natural light, the actual operation is difficult than Studio and affected by climate
In accordance with the above four elements is very easy to choose the wedding photo shoot model
In summary, the four elements, price, qualifications, quality can be reduced to three main factors are not taken into account, the groom often find an excuse, but after all, the wedding just once in a lifetime, for a rest with friends and family to see albums, not too busy to find the time to take good
IV. What do you want to take wedding photos
This gap is best to well thought out in advance, rather than allow photographers to help you
Photos of contents are the following:
Photo: retro, unconventional love story, dramatic story, completely personality-type (such as naked wedding photos)
Studio: writhing around in the room type
Honeymoon location: dissolves into the natural atmosphere of pure
Three shot the above suggestion is:
If your personal image preferred Studio, to highlight your personal image in full
If you have a desire to perform and Director, try personal photo, the creation of many of them happy, but be sure to make the idea of outline and scenario.
If you have planned a honeymoon trip, choose a honeymoon location is the best of both worlds
In addition, changes in the costume, tailored to select clothes, like your tall, wear the wedding dress, she is less, you can use some. BACK