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Problems and groom wedding photography

Groom wedding photography needs to pay attention to the problem. The groom needs to pay attention to what issues?
Groom the most important thing is to make your look beautiful naturally. Speaking appearances, our first thought is the groom's hairstyles. The groom before the wedding photography should start to put my hair in a week, went to a barber shop to do a suitable hair style, hair is appropriate in advance, not to do the day before wedding photography, once you do bad bad, the next day for their wedding photos, now it can do??
Groom's teeth is very important, if the groom smiled without missing a tooth doesn't matter, or have let their teeth whitening in advance, if it is not, is to wash your teeth are not very expensive deal.
Groom has a lot of areas in need of nursing care, such as beard and nasal hair and groom isosceles cleaned up in a timely manner, not in the day of the wedding photos unshaven and very unsightly.
Repair nails must be clean and groom, don't go to their wedding photos when the nail is full of mud, which is not good.
Groom also should pay attention to maintenance of the skin, usually selecting the right cleanser and skin-care products, if it is not can only use bottle. BACK