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Wedding photography to prepare and save money tips

Shoot great wedding photography, you first need to do is to be ready for everything, "do not fight unprepared battles" to ensure that "grain". So let me look at their wedding photos in the end what some areas that need attention.
Handling love you we want to ready to wear. Brides are planning a lot of things, like wedding shoes, dress, wedding dress, and so on. Wedding shoes need to be prepared for two more, and a select amount of white color wedding shoes, with the white wedding dress is appropriate, the other choose to spend a little bit of wedding shoes, with the dress better. 21 to choose a somewhat exaggerated dress, enough to show the couple's personalities. Xinian to prepare white dress and black suit two white dress topped with a white shirt, tie, white shoes and socks, looks very clean and give the feeling of freshness. Need shoes on a black suit with a tie, such as very spiritual feeling.
Model prepared in advance of the shoot, look at professional books in advance, under browsing a professional Web site, consult with friends, which is conducive to their style of design.
Good wedding photography how to save money? We General are said, wedding photography is we lifetime of things, actually wedding photography although is lifetime of things, but also to consider himself of economic capacity, select wedding photography work room zhiqian must to and photographer do communication, what of style is himself like of, must to meet himself of idea, addition, wedding photography of wedding props is how charges of, specific what grade of how many money are to regards. Before signing the contract how much money will go and see what kind of clothes to see if their idea. Also, consider selecting photographers and no money; if it is shared and how costs are shared with a team, how much money to ask if filming locations, like travel, tickets, fares and all that to ask it. BACK