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Wedding photography preparation and meeting skills

Wedding photography checklist of items:
Must be ready before shooting to avoid consumption trap, if you go out to shoot wedding photography, be sure to make sure the drive of postage, entrance tickets, lunch cost, signed wedding photography is required when these things one by one to determine, to avoid unnecessary troubles. Of course on location wedding photography to team personnel and buy some drinks and the like are also very good, can foster close relationship between each other, photographers and other staff will be very willing to serve you.
Wedding photography to be ready before photography props, something fun to prepare. Boys shirts, leather shoes, girls dresses, wedding shoes, jewellery etc are to be prepared in advance. Lost on location wedding photography, amount of time to be ready in the summer to prevent mosquito bite ointments.
How to become more photogenic? Here we summarize it.
1, the fleshy parts of the face in shadow, in the t-zone with high light. But the best selection of glossy lipstick, makeup was exquisite in wedding photos.
2, professional model has a trump card: the back of the tongue against the upper front teeth can make the lower part of the mouth and face look better.
3, wearing a wedding dress for the darker color, because of the low luminance or color pink shirt will bring out the facial features delicate and soft, high brightness coat making features expanded the Visual effect.
4, tighten the jaws, face presents an elegant pose, eyes slightly from the bottom upwards, will become more intense, eyes bigger.
If we can do it according to the above points, then you are a small professional-level model ~ ~ ~ ~ BACK