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Wedding photography details

Wedding photography has many details need to be concerned about, from wedding photography agency today we choose and wedding photography note paper pointed out one by one.
First of all, we know how to select a wedding photography. One is considering can withstand the pressure of money, choose a price for institutions, if the money is not very comfortable selecting Wedding Photography Studio is a very good choice, very affordable prices, quality can also be guarantees for photos. Second, depends on the style of wedding photography agencies and if they are consistent, they figured out what they want to shoot a wedding of this style is that we need to be treated with caution. Finally is to elect from candidates of several photo agencies share one of the most suitable, be sure to consider the works of photographer, see if it works in line with their own requirements.
Second, we need to know is getting ready for a wedding photography details:
First, we want to care for their skin, does a spa, exfoliating, moisturizing facial mask can be used, under the usual attention to maintenance, one month in advance to prepare the best. Second, personal image, before shooting, beard trimming your nails clean, girls pay attention to body hair trimming. Three to get ready for their own props, clothes and shoes were ready, boys pay attention to preparing shirts, shoes and so on, there are some fun props are to be prepared in advance. Four in more than a month before the wedding photography you want to eat light food, less spicy, greasy, spicy food to eat better, once the small smallpox smallpox is not good.
Best to practice at home. Practice what? One is to practice smiling, smile in wedding photography is very important, a smile can be the perfect drop showed the couple's beautiful, but also can make photos look brilliant. 2nd is to practice your shooting position, shooting position not too overly rigid, so it doesn't look ugly, and not too casual, casual posture is also very ugly, that much attention. BACK