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Wedding how to save it?

In the midst of wedding photography, wedding is the most important item, and wedding dress is also very expensive, sometimes, after you buy your wedding dress of the bride and groom want to keep for a lifetime, take out after the old memories. So, how to save a wedding dress is a very critical issue, we are honoured to have invited experts in this area, specifically for you on the next question about the wedding how to preserve.
First, we need to consider when buying a wedding dress to save problem, what kind of wedding dress should be how to save, they should ask specific question to purchase clear, such as save what place, what questions can be asked, such as cleaning wedding dresses.
Secondly, considerations for cleaning wedding dresses. Clean your wedding be sure to protect your small wedding jewelry, do not use a brush or scrubbing with hand, easy wedding trinkets on damage caused. Also, when we use detergent to use more detergent temperature, ensure that these detergents are not much impact on the wedding. If the wedding gown sprinkled with red wine, meat dishes, and so on, we are under to rinse, then wash with a mild cleaning agent.
Third, drying and preservation. Dry wedding must pay attention is to roll out the wedding by way of drying, avoiding direct sunlight wedding dress, Sun dress is likely to cause damage to the wedding, is not conducive to the preservation of wedding, is likely to result in wedding gown shape. Save when you put it in a cool, ventilated place, not near a heat, a lot of hot air is very easy to create a wedding dress shape, is not conducive to wedding gown preservation.

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