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How often do finished wedding albums?

Finished whole process about 35-45 days or so after the wedding. to make the album, due to the number of production and ensure the quality of albums, Photo Studio, irregular layout of production schedules on a regular basis, so time will be longer. If your wedding is in a hurry, you can also choose expedited make the album, but the cost of production was higher than normal. Reminding parents that marriage network in at least 3 months in advance, they begin planning the wedding.
Production process:
Usually after the shooting, we will arrange for guests to choose a design you want to your photo album photo, enlarged photographs;
Production cycle is calculated from the film after the start. Probably about 45 days. The process needs your cooperation.
1, the list of photos and enlarge photos
2, in revising the book photo color;
3, according to photos layout design
4, depending on the photographs would be distributed to various manufacturers make artworks.
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