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Master wedding photography entry term recapture the initiative in the wedding!

Wedding you will encounter many Studio launch new, small missions network in here and share the hope and understand these concepts in the Studio to talk about process, prevent being fooled! The style of the album, many varieties, French court, book or three-piece suit and so on, the album name is different, so be sure to come and see.
Virtual building are comprised of multiple mimics the characteristics of the real base, not every Studio has. Effects of lighting and scenery shooting it out is pretty good, but the person's mood and status than the exteriors. In General Studio initiative is a location, but poor weather not on location, can be considered real, because he was not under the influence of the weather. Generally not on location.

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List count and page
General pictures Studio will be combined, makes a photo album. This fancy design, a lot of pictures if you order is the basis of around 60 sets, often divided by 3 algorithm according to the Studio, can only be a 20p album, you will find photo album than many expected thin.
Album number
The number of p is calculated as two sides of the album is 1P, remember that one, a separate page. Photo Studio, she initially does not usually talk to you, don't sign. Recommendations agreed to at least not less than how many pages, photo album pages 7, 10, 12, 15, 20p, and 30p, but generally up to 12, 15p album feel.

Photo album sizes and concepts wedding photo size is not equal, only the full version of the design as they are. If the 18-inch 11-inch photos on the photo albums posted, photos not only reduced size, chip quality is also far behind the full version, the sisters must pay attention to.
Photo selection
Photo selection is the late Studio Guide one of the most important links from hundreds of beautiful photos, select dozens of photos, is not an easy thing, so the woman must remain independent, in an orderly manner, reason Studio miss little sales tricks. BACK