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Wedding photography consumer vulnerability must know

Wedding photography full of tricks, a variety of packages full of knowing you in an empty bag. Clearly said there would be no "second consumption", but still take many unexpected costs. Close about wedding packages available on cautious, xiaobian given you set inside the three largest consumer vulnerability you have to grasp.
1. charges for overseas film
Popular wedding photos in different places, although Studio on the list for each scene shows the price, but these may not include long distance travel. These costs include: all personnel-related travel expenses, room and Board, and shot some unexpected expenses due to inconvenience, together, will greatly exceed your original budget.
Many outside the Studio or studios have launched a mission trip, the same group by photographer, make-up artist, composed of staff members on a few of the different couples, then shooting accident costs, it can be split by several couples, after all, a good way to affordable.
2. upgrade
Most of the newcomers at the time of booking photos, are based on sample style, piece number, shooting clothing judging by the number of factors, often ignore the real wearable clothes. Many studios will divide the grades of their own clothing, new scheduled show higher price, higher clothing can be worn.
Couple during the filming of the day, will go to the garment district Studio, met her special favorite wedding dresses, will be unable to stop, this time, if it is not within the scope of your play, you will need additional garment costs. New people often hold, just once in a lifetime wedding ideas, "willing" to "secondary consumer".
3. increase the number of Photo
Wedding drama will be expressly set forth on the final number of photos to give newcomers, particularly intensive. New at the time of the selection, if not suitable, and will often appear selected count far more than the agreed number of situations, hesitant, and finally select plus money plus photos.
New selection of films by scenario and clothing to grasp the difference between average quantity, if it is a favourite scene you can save a few, accordingly, others can be slightly reduced. Expression or posture identical photographs can also be appropriate to delete. BACK