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How to select wedding photography lovers

Lovers only refers to the theme, also have exactly the same clothing as their outfits. Styles are complementary. There is a harmony-oriented, some are creative, funny, some are dominated by pairs. Lovers underwear, t-shirts, jackets, pants, shoes.
Wedding how to select lovers based on your personal characteristics, including preferences, personality, temperament, character lovers.
1, color matching: match color couples that match the most basic form, is the most Visual resonance. Color choice acceptable to both men and women for the bottom line, the two can't be exactly the same color, similar or complementary is a good choice. Like neibai outside the powder mix, sweet and fuzzy, well suited to first love mm and Gg.
2, pattern matching: matching of the pattern are lovers "out of place" one of the main factors. But not in two printed exactly the color of the dress so corny, it is best to choose two similar but different circumstances, for example: male body is a kite with line and hands on female body ... ... Between men and women is funny, cute and full of "little secrets".
Match 3, topic: in addition to the color and pattern of these outside factors, "theme" this match is the highest realm of intangible factors. Two people together, always have your things of common interest, then use it as your "love theme" reflected in the clothing. For example, you love him well, he loves you active, then choose dynamic topic types. BACK