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Wedding photography details ready

1, Oh my! Eyes swollen, what should I do?
Photographed the night before should drink less avoid puffy eyes. But if you get up in the morning and found his eyes swollen, ice is a good way to Oh!
2, halfway through the shooting, his eyes dry uncomfortable ... ...
Instant Flash air conditioner and the Studio will make tears to evaporate, so eye dry, this is normal, as long as you can rest your eyes. If you take pictures in order not to affect progress, then eye drops can be improved immediately, or look at Green view can, don't rub hard, otherwise it will cause a red silk eye Oh!
3, not that I pretend to be cool, because your teeth yellow, camera laugh
Beautiful bride smile revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth will turnoff. After brushing my teeth, stained with some lemon juice to clean teeth with gauze can make teeth white Oh! BACK