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Let us live with wedding dresses to old

Wedding brings you more beautiful, happier feelings, naturally want to treat it, we want to collect the word, let wedding with the older, live long, Oh! A Shanghai wedding photography professional wedding dress collection of seasoned experience, give the weapon.
In fact, we have a few tips, clean, save the wedding is not difficult.
One, depending on the fabric:
There is no doubt that we must be our own wedding is what material, subsidiary beads, small Flash pieces have any stress, clearly we do good?
B cleaning wedding dresses have exquisite
Wedding of constitute never simple, many of small decorative, like beaded ornaments side, is can't afford to dry cleaning of chemical material of erosion, best of method is put wedding into mix has mild, and neutral clean agent of water in the, soaking while, this can cleaning off banquet Shang wine, and lard, left of stains, more bubble while, even see missing of stains as sweat, and liquor stains also can removed.
Third, the method also has skills
You cannot dress as ordinary clothes, our wedding after the wash and dry thoroughly, you can collect, store in a cool, dry place, such as a closet or even under the bed. Remember, do not hang up your wedding dress, because, old time, dress down, stretch skirts and even tear.

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