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Wedding photography knowledge and shoot

Traditional wedding long and the to, and like umbrella General scattered of skirt pendulum, is many girls are desire wearing of, in Studio photo certainly can wearing, but in married code salute Shi, seems to not too convenient, too long too Peng of skirt, will was is is short and the cumbersome, so wedding day, should be selected slightly away from to of small canopy skirt, and or long and the foot ankle is a, Word cut of straight body wedding; as on beauty leg full confidence of, more can try try mini or and the knee skirt and so on, if is character free and easy hearty of, wear white pants sets more can highlights personal style And be different. It should be noted, fishtail dresses are the most convenient and most difficult to dress nicely, if not the bride's favorite fishtail skirt otherwise, regardless. Another point to note is the style, many styles are beautiful on a hanger, put on models are very beautiful, but this beauty is not for everyone, so it is necessary to try and size doesn't fit can be changed, styles and do not match the bride's body size and temperament, is miserable. In addition, the temperament is also very important, the ones who are not suitable for sexy dress; smart too much stuffing decorative; hearty type not to dress like a lady. Wearing a princess dress that is inconsistent with her, rather than bring out her own strengths and temperament, also worn by people and people feel uneasy.
Should pay more attention to the shoot, wedding dress materials, colors, and the use of cameras will cause the photo is beautiful, and does not match the reality effect, is traditional and digital two ways to talk.
Traditional photos: after the wedding by the camera, the film zoom, and art hand-like, obtained after mounting. Photo art reflected mainly in frame technology as well as on the backing paper. Not decorative effects, photos of different sizes if you want to put on the same screen, there are obvious signs and uneven marks. Art appreciation value is not high, and in harsh environments for process reasons difficult to preserve.
Digital photography: digital photos here fall into two categories, one is the photo scan electronic documents, by specializing in the traditional camera after flushing for photos, then professionally for high precision scanner such as HowTEK4500 drum scanner, Kodad3570, Emaoon Tower scanner scans as TIF or JPG format of electronic documents, computer school colors, synthetic, through digital imaging device, Epsilon30, KodakDCS760 disposable image in large format digital print on paper. Another is a professional digital cameras like phaseONE, Nicon, Kodak etc, acquired by the digital camera back photographic image data, transmitted through the cable to the computer and then color synthesis, and finally output to the digital imaging equipment for large-format digital photos. Big advantage is that clearer image sharper, faster. Compared with the traditional photo and half digital, different places no negatives, you do not need scanning device, image directly into a computer, reduce the loss of color, to save time. Get pictures of computer effects seamless synthesis of results, so photos a flat appearance, finally got the picture information as well as electronic files (half digital can have negative and CDROM), usually discs (CDROM).
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