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Tips tricks to address considerations for wedding

So-called lookers-on see you outside, when the marriage of great joy attacks, new people will be happy spinning, hazy in all directions, then married to note matters, such as wedding photos, wedding can't keep a cool head. Small series of marrying a friend in Shanghai not long ago, told small about this matter, because just think of being married, feel the joy of married happiness, shoot them with the local characteristics of the Shanghai wedding eat some losses. Small make up here to give a little Kit and want to perfect tricks can help you solve some considerations for wedding photography!
First, when rainy day, things should start to prepare! In their wedding photos two weeks ago, we should begin to do some face, skin care! As for hair, hair perming, etc is best completed a month before the shooting.
Second, glamorous people were in a good mood, so relaxed it is necessary, of course we break early before bed, drink less, so that every other day puffy eyes! Have enough sleep, take wedding photo must be refreshed and glowing.
Day three, photography, our new should wear flesh-colored stockings, it is best to prepare a pair of high heels, can be worn with long dresses.
Four, had decayed for amazing makeup artist, please do not at their own bride putting on makeup, so as to avoid makeup obsession! Photography day, bride it is best not to wear too much jewelry, proposed open front clothes to wear, so as not to dress in dresses, destroyed the face makeup and hairstyle.
Five, groom suit to be decent, not tight and avoid gestures is not convenient.
Six, taking pictures should be prepared on the day of the new year of white or light colored strapless bra. When wearing a wedding dress to match the strapless BRA, if the Chinese evening wear, it is best to wear padded underwear or wire can beautify the chest line.
Seven, have suggested that the official before shooting, you can call friends who will bring a digital camera to take some, look at how to easily know which clothes are suitable for the bride and groom.
Eight, if you are shooting glasses and lenses must be removed, leaving only the frame to prevent reflection phenomenon in a lens.
Nine, photos of the day for a long time, light may sting the eyes, appeared uncomfortable situations so advisable to bring along the usual eye drops and moist eyes. BACK