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Imaginative design make your perfect wedding

Getting married, we are handsome groom, beautiful bride, according to bear ever-bubbling happiness! According to one senior Shanghai wedding photography studio said many couples think of that wonderful wedding photography are infinite joy, could think only of both wedding and photography, they ignore the most important part of that is the wedding dress to take up photography, play a role in bridging over of the "design". Design is very important, related to newcomers can shoot beautiful looking photos, generally speaking, our design starts from the following areas!
Throughout the wedding, the bride's clothing is the need for a wedding, a evening dress cannot be missing, it was the beginning of the link, be sure to carefully design your Bridal makeup styling!
Second, photography
Wedding photography a lot now, choices are many, from indoor to outdoor wedding photography or shooting from outside to the city can be. Fee for you to consider is its combination of scenery, props, photography involves photographing the site, usually many couples like to far away places. In photography, the major consideration is the sample taken, and to the photographer's technical and performance techniques. Also, taking into account the actual shooting, wash the photo count how to calculate, album design including digital design, an enlarged picture frame price and so on.
Third, design
No matter how beautiful the wedding dress, or how excellent technique, and eventually to talk to new people as a whole interact, so as to make the perfect wedding! New shape affect the overall visual effect. We design this one, should attract more relatives and friends, with the designer's views, based on their own needs with features, imaginative designs of your own photos! BACK