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Tell you the mystery shot on-location wedding inspiration

The saying goes good, prepared people will never lose, we know before marriage and after marriage, is to shoot the wedding rush hour. In recent years, Shanghai wedding photography studios are popular, many wedding photography studio in two places at once-free, so before we went to the Studio, do you want to prepare it! Answer is very certain, we want to be prepared! One such preparation is, how do we learn to shoot wedding pictures pose posed!
Pose 1:
Present scene, in the photograph is supposed to give people happiness and feeling of vitality, we reject the dull lifeless, so taking pictures when the head and body cream into a straight line when the outdoor wedding, it is easy to produce dull feeling. If we are positive towards the camera, the head should be turned slightly to the left or to the right, with some smiling, photos will look elegant and lively, and increase the sense of depth.
Pose 2:
The vibrant, always attract people, in addition to the denial of dull lifeless, we should also avoid stiff, mechanical feel, so that the selection of wedding is sitting or standing, don't let the arms or legs are parallel. You can choose a song or two as some kind of angle. In this way, can cause movement, postures and variations.
Pose 3:
Curvy and attractive. For the bride, perfectly exquisite curves cannot be ignored, and we want to show the kind of glamorous curves! Classic approach is to let yourself actually support the body weight on one leg, one leg a little more elevation and stand on the leg, arm to turn around, to show the narrowest side, chest curve through the waist, to display their high and a sense of great ...
Pose 4:
Stations were little, sit sit right, when we sit and shoot, right thing to do is to move forward, close to the Chair and sat on, and keep the chest abdomen, belly down to avoid shoulder phenomenon of convex.
Pose 5:
Good posture while in our hands during the filming of the picture is a little part, but if placed incorrectly, will spoil the whole beauty of the picture. Good posing posture, according to its own attention, two, refer to the photographer! BACK