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In the blistering heat of summer bride wedding photo shoot to note

Summer soon came, at present, in many wedding photography studio in Shanghai in preparation for launch summer wedding photography project, blue sky, blue sea waves, beach Palm tree who do not like it! Our brides in their wedding photos in the summer time, things to note here are must see:
1, the body will never be the capital of revolution, to good health, you must sleep well, summer wedding photos that even more so, because the high temperature on energy consumption will increase, new people don't put the thermostat too low during sleep, avoid fatigue in when shooting wedding photos, air temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius and have a good sleep
2, pest control is necessary, summer beat! In General in order to prevent mosquito bites, you beautiful brides always bring refreshing oil or medicated oil. In the happy wedding photography how to heat stroke? Heat stroke say beat it! Remember that we should always add moisture, avoid too long in the hot sun, sunscreen must be prepared so well are Africans not picture! Hey, it is recommended that a small electric fan with go!
3, choose a good time, if time is in the afternoon when the sun goes down is the best. When temperatures are low, the light.
4, packing light, summer, without makeup, Bridal styling proposals dominated by simple, natural, so you can shorten the time for putting on makeup, changing the makeup and photo. Moreover, wear wedding remembered with lighter colors (preferably white) shoes. BACK