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Health knowledge made sure that wedding dress

At present, according to a wedding photography studio in Shanghai, said, now buy wedding dresses bride to pop home more and more, however, the wedding also have health problems, you know? Follow small series, please see:
Many bridal shops wedding gowns are each used to disinfect, and will also be cleaned on a regular basis, this is normal, if you find that some bridal shops wedding dress yellow stains, you'll hear the rhetoric they used was: "We also wash on a regular basis, just good business, wanting to wear every day, no time to wash. "
Now a better wedding price tens of hundreds of thousands, if each shot once, the price is too high. Bridal fabrics and elaborate, made from silk, lace and so on, some trimmed with beaded wedding dress cleaning too frequently, easy deformation, beads or fade, you can imagine how long they will go back to the wedding? Also, even wash wedding dress, nor cleaning wedding dress lining, thus saving significant amounts their energy resources of time and money.
Doctors said that many wedding dresses are chemical fiber products, post wearing a skin irritation, if more than one person wearing not cleaning and disinfecting in a timely manner, probably contagious ringworm, scabies and other skin diseases, especially skin wounds, and virus more easily invaded! Wearing a white dress in time after a bath, when the skin such as itching, redness, to a doctor as soon as possible.
When we choose a wedding dress, to clear the wedding dress of formaldehyde in the finished product should not exceed 75 mg per kilogram; wedding dresses and gowns of the PH value must be between 4.0-7.5; wedding gowns and dresses must be no odor and the prohibition of the use of "decomposition of aromatic amines" dyes. Illegal wedding dress, we don't buy. BACK