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Do you know how to deal with the problem of wedding photos finally ending

Since ancient times, spreading a Word, called fall short, we take good photos and don't think everything is OK, because there is an important issue we are dealing with, it's photo post processing! This link is a very important, after all, our overflowing happiness wedding photos, post-processing and fall short of the total in the wedding photos! Has a pair of shooting a wedding couple in Shanghai with a small addendum to chat a lot, put forward the following proposals:
A long time ago, our wedding was very traditional, straight sitting shot, adding characters, at the moment, era leap for I don't know how far out wedding photos effect everything, so photo post processing to be very vigilant on!
We selected finished tablets usually one two weeks on can to see design, to note some details of place, as hair, teeth, colour, shoes,, not satisfaction of place must to let he modified, set good tablets Hou three week around can to take album, wedding of late processing then must to special note has, don't was himself beautiful of tablets tablets rushed Halo mind, don't muddleheaded of knot has tail paragraph, home zhihou only found has problem, then has late.
We can bring an inch marked ruler, measure, telling us, the size of the length of the album is an album (albums up to 18 inch 18 inch album, some stores will give you the size is not enough, within half an inch of difference is normal, more than an inch, you'll never have problems. &Nbsp;   Secondly, photos of post-processing to count number of horses within the page is enough, the cover to the back cover of the album and the edge if there are problems, because there is no end, where there is no shop usually actively coordinated with you, is to give you some gifts make up, at this moment, what is what, gifts Crystal is the most valuable.
If I got after the end of, the store is not so easy. They got signed, no hot money is not natural to you! BACK