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More quickly and efficiently to choose perfect wedding

A wedding photography studio in Shanghai's friend told the small, generally speaking, most newcomers do not know how to shoot a happy selection problems after the wedding, then how can I quickly pick out the perfect wedding? No more said that recommendations right away!
One, people, more powerful
You must be some taste, fashion friends, or eyes, well, then we can ask them to participate, one side provide a selection of views!
Second, clear number
We first determine the total number of photos, and then allocate. Often, first few photographs are the most serious ones, are often the first few pictures are taken when let go because I had hands and feet effect, we can focus on the assault group in the middle part!
Third, eliminate the regrets may
If wedding you might not like, feel rigid, please keep at least 2-4 this action photos, for final selection, and leave with no regrets.
Four, see see look look
Some newcomers like a soft romantic look, not ecstasy or overblown. But some newcomers like active, relaxed smile as the photo overall emotional tone. It can pick based on their feelings. Magnifying glass effect appears at this time.
Five, then do finely grained
At this time, your friend has continued to play a role. The essence of these filters may be only one-second or one-third the number of. You need to put a picture of a similar background and motor together, asking the participants ' views, see where to stay and what not. BACK