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With the economics of marriage saves you money

Seems to be wedding photos had the most money and the best are irreconcilable contradictions? Even daydreaming is not to do it! A Shanghai veteran summed up the unique wedding wedding photography in economics to teach you, save money and look good is not a dream! We have to learn this magic practices:
First: the saying goes good, away from friends, and a good friend can make you convenient isn't it? When we were filming, may wish to carefully choose a photographer that can make friend with you, to human kind, not only will give you a picture, better photography, it raises the couple reveal natural feelings accurately capture the moment two feelings, exchange of glances. Should also be in accordance with the new style guide and the two men put on natural, graceful posture, rather than stiff, with no cut.
Second: just so you know, wedding stores bridal shops launch photo services are generally in the form of packages, new choices pay attention not only to take the number of wedding dresses, but also should compare the packages of other content, such as plating, printing photo fee, throw in different phases and other additional benefits. Our new addition in the calculation of shooting expenses, set the basic fee, the Yi is expected to add photo and mounting expenses, and to set expenditure ceiling for the whole shooting. Prepare does not lose it! BACK