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Open your eyes to take wedding photo of simple laws of money

Shanghai, Xiao bian views a lot of wedding photos, consulted a lot of photography industry insiders, summed up the marriage according to the laws of money, want to help you save money when filming the romantic wedding photos! Wedding witnesses per couple is the most beautiful moments in your life, you can also save big money at this beautiful time, small acts as a financial planner, tell you how to save finished in wedding photography!
Small series of financial planner quotes: newcomers don't provide post-production Studio zoom photos, you can find professional Minilab store washed, one can save three hundred or four hundred Yuan.
In addition, the Studio out many "secondary consumer" project, such as bride of cosmetics, jewelry on loan, there are a number of photographic film will need to be paid, plus dozens of Yuan, so the photo must be consulted before understood.
Finally, the photos don't have to be before the honeymoon, when we suggest trying out honeymoon (limited to honeymoon at home) for their wedding photos, save the regional price differentials. A wedding dress of equal quality, remote shoot less can save 30%. BACK