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Research clearly the mystery of wedding dress and accessories match

On the big day, our wedding when the bride to prepare several dresses, is welcome at the wedding, is the seat of the second evening, three is the toast of Chinese clothes and wear a visitor's Kit. Many brides for convenience, however, was not replaced in time Jewelry Accessories, an accessory, not a fly in the ointment. A wedding photography in Shanghai for many years a friend recommended, decent mix of wedding decorations to pay attention to some skills!
Under normal circumstances, a wedding ring as a token of the two Covenants, is the witness of love wedding superstars, there is no need to replace and match sparkling diamond ring can be used with any clothing. When the bride in a wedding dress and evening dress, best shiny Jewelry Accessories, such as diamond or gemstone jewelry, evening wear can choose according to its color matches the color and luster of gemstones.
At the time put on Chinese clothing, preferably with a Pearl Necklace and pearl earrings, best bracelet into bracelet. Rounded pearls, immaculate and perfect metaphors, so wearing pearls on your wedding day meaningful, and distribution for the evening and dress is elegant. Choose Pearl accessories to keep their color, lustre, shape, size and smoothness, if equipped with collars, you can match Phoenix gold earrings and gold bracelets, do not have a traditional taste of luxury.
Finally, set, you can choose freely according to its style and color, set to match up good jewellery accessories, you can make clothing more brilliant.
Just suggestions, how to mix up your style, beauty, or to seek truth from facts, according to your size, color, temperament, and so on to consider! BACK