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Some brides choose wedding survey

Shanghai, who had just finished a wedding photo of the bride said, only women understand women, and only women know their favorite wedding. According to bridal careful investigation and research on some topics, the following data
One, on the source of wedding: wedding shop tailor 35.4%, wedding branding spot 33.39%, Studio 31.20%
Two, in the wedding dress on the materials and design of: model 15.09%, fabric, material 14.08%, 14.01% design details, price 13.2%, popular 12.97%, 12.24% brands, whether it is good with 10.66% and gift 7.75%
Three would buy complete wedding package in the same place: 57.9%, not 42.10%
Four, in the avant-garde fashion wedding dress selection of: choosing edgy fashion 50.49%, select 49.51% BACK